Veelgestelde vragen

I am so nervous, will you tell me how to pose?

The nerves are 100% normal, and I promise will wear off after you arrive! I will tell you how to pose every step of the way, from your feet to your chin. I know all the best angles to pose and light you, I got your back girl.

I would like to keep my photos private, do you post everyones images?

We take your privacy very seriously! We always get our clients permission before sharing images online. If you would like to keep your images private, we respect your decision.

Is hair and makeup included in my session?

We believe hair and makeup is a necessary part of the experience we provide. When you arrive to your session, we will begin with your hair and makeup styling while you kick back and relax!

Do you provide outfits?

We have a client closet of about 3-4 pieces per size range. However, we love for you to bring 6-8 of your own outfits, and combine with ours to photograph 4-6 looks.

How many photos are included in the end result?

At your ordering appointment, you will see about 50-70 fully edited images to choose from. We have packages to accomodate all of our clients from albums and digital files, to wall art.

Do you keep the photos I don't choose?

Any photos that are not selected at your ordering appointment are destroyed. I will archive the photos that are purchased for 1 year.

How long does it take to recieve my products?

Ive selected products from the best labs all over. They are handmade, and one of a kind, so it does take time. Albums can take up to 6-8 weeks to recieve.

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